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Rabbi Avrohom Srugo

Head Shliach of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Rabbi Srugo has been the Rebbe's shliach to Guadalajara for over 20 years. He has become the Main Rabbi within the Jewish community and tranfomed the JCC to an Orthodox center for the local jewish community and for those visiting from abroad.


Rabbi Sasson

YKMexico Founder and Director

As Co-founder and Director of Yeshivas Bais Schneur, Rabbi Sasson saw the need for a Yeshivas Kayitz that would Give a Bochur a meaningful and fun summer with the focus of becoming a Giver.


Rabbi Mordechai Cadaner


Mordechai has a great passion in guiding Bochurim helping them strengthen their connection to Hashem and the Rebbe in a genuine way. He will be directing the

Learning Program,Farbrengens and Mivtzoim.


Yisroel Elkayam
Head Counselor


Levi Laber
Mivtzoim Director

My name is Levi Laber and I learn in Yeshivah Gedolah Miami. Trying to do what I can do get myself and those around me ready for Moshiach. I’m looking forward to spreading yiddishkeit this summer and enjoying Hashem’s beautiful world in Chassideshe way.


Levi Rosenberg


Daniel Bulman
Co-head Counselor 

Daniel Bulman is energy based, and loves spending time with the Bochurim. He is totally committed and given over to his shlichus. He will be overseeing and implementing the day to day schedule and logistics of the program on the ground. Daniel is certified by the American Red Cross as a lifeguard with CPR/AED and First Aid.

Macroplaza in Monterrey

Roberto Kleinman
General Manager

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. Roberto will be managing the behind the scenes and serve as a chaperone throughout the summer.

Image by Kobi Brown

Levi Backman


Yisrael is a talented and vibrant Chossid who has a passion for the Rebbes shlichus, he’s been around the world initiating and directing chabad programs. He will be our main head counselor keeping up the standard of chabad and the discipline of our boys.


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