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Rabbi Avrohom Srugo
Head Shliach of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Rabbi Srugo has been the Rebbe's shliach to Guadalajara for over 20 years. He has become the Main Rabbi within the Jewish community and tranfomed the JCC to an Orthodox center for the local jewish community and for those visiting from abroad.


Rabbi Sasson
YKMexico Founder and Director

As Co-founder and Director of Yeshivas Bais Schneur, Rabbi Sasson saw the need for a Yeshivas Kayitz that would Give a Bochur a meaningful and fun summer with the focus of becoming a Giver.

ykm bulman_edited.jpg

Daniel Bulman
Head Counselor

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is energy-based, inspirational, and committed and is given over to his Shlichus. He will be serving as the Head Counsellor for YKMexico. Daniel will be leading and implementing the day-to-day schedule as well as the logistics of the program on the ground.

ykm seskutov_edited.jpg

Shmuel Seskutov 
Assistant Head Counselor

Shmuel is a energy filled person, with lots of unique talent. He has been serving on Shlichus at Chabad of Oneonta for around three years. Shmuel will be assistant head counselor keeping up the standard of Yeshivas Kayitz and the discipline of our boys as well as giving the boys their best summer to remember.

ykm simcha minsky_edited.jpg

Simcha Minsky
Learning Director

Hi my name is Simcha Minsky this will be my second year at ykmexico, love a g great Farbrangen and a good Shmooze can't wait to spend the summer with the boys!

ykm kamman.jpeg

Shaya Gansbourg
Assistant Learning Director


I grew up in Montréal, Canada, Studied in Yeshiva in Tzfas for three years of Yeshiva then went on to Toronto Yeshiva Gedolah for two years and currently studying in Oholei Torah. In general I was always a kid who looked forward to the summer break, that all went to a whole other level when I went to yeshivas kayitz for the first time. It was so much fun and I had so many new experiences all in a positive environment of torah and mitzvos, I'm looking to bringing that energy that I experienced and all the things I've learned to ykmexico this summer.

ykm kammen_edited.jpg

Moshe Kamman
Mivtzah Program

Hi, my name is Moshe Kamman. I’m 20 years old and from Crown Heights. I have always felt a strong connection to Torah and Yiddishkeit. 
I enjoy sports, art, and music. 

Summer is my favorite time to grow in all areas and I am really excited to grow together this summer. Looking forward to an epic summer!

ykm schwartz_edited.jpg

Moshe Schwartz
Sports Director


elberg ykm.jpeg

Levi Elberg
Assistant Sports Director

Hi my name is levi elberg. I love having a great time. Getting inspired, awesome mivtzoiym days competitive sports. Those fantastic trip's! Man just can't wait to have a great time all togetherthis is the type summer I am looking forward to having!

ykm krinsky_edited_edited.jpg

Zevi Krinsky
Mivtzoim - outreach program

I’m 20 years old I grew up in crown heights i love really great experiences traveling and infusing it with the Torah and chassidus values 
In past experiences I always enjoyed tapping into the spirit and environment of whichever institution I was apart  of  and of course this summer the spirit will be unbelievable!!

libersohn ykm_edited.jpg

Eitan Libersohn
Spanish Guide

Hi I'm Eitan Libersohn from Mexico City i'm excited to be joining YKMexico for the summer. I'm looking forward to have an unforgettable time. Get hyped!


Zalmy Srugo
Travel guide

Born and raised on Shlichus in Guadalajara, Mexico. Zalmy will serve as our logistics manager when traveling on the road.

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